FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

What sets the Criollo ball apart from other cacao drinks?

The invigorating effect of our sphere is essentially based on three complementary components:

  – Each ball (each serving) contains at least 25 grams of pure, high-quality cacao. This is compared to conventional cacao drinks an exceptionally high cacao content, which is necessary to achieve the desired sensory effects and the intense taste experience.

– We use one of the world’s best cacao varieties, Criollo Cacao, which naturally contains a balanced taste and abundance of precious ingredients unlike cheap cacao varieties commonly used in the cacao industry. The Criollo cacao needs no additional treatment to improve its aroma, because it is naturally tasty and aromatic.

– A combination of coconut blossom sugar and honey ensures the natural sweetness of our product and allows a gently and evenly rising blood sugar level without explosive elevation.

What sets Criollo cacao apart from many other cacao varieties?

Different types of cacao differ significantly in quality from each other. There are varieties that have high crop yields, but a shallow, bitter taste and smell and hardly contain valuable ingredients.

The Criollo cacao used at Elimba is a fine cacao and requires intensive care in the cultivation and harvesting process. While the yield is lower, the quality is many times higher than the robust cheap cacao varieties commonly used in the cacao industry, which must be chemically treated and supplemented to lose their unpleasant bitter-soapy taste.

Why is it important to use a particularly high quality cacao?

Only a high-quality cacao has a pleasant and intense smell and taste. Only a high-quality cacao contains body and soul supporting ingredients in a concentration that can have a positive effect.

Why not drink the Criollo ball with milk?

Dairy products inhibit the absorption of antioxidants and magnesium.

Can you overdose Criollo balls?

The Criollo ball has a pleasant and long-lasting stimulating and cheery effect. This can become uncomfortably strong when eating more than one ball and e.g. lead to a headache. A Criollo ball is enough to get stimulating effects going.

What causes the freak effect of the Criollo ball?

The Criollo ball contains a small amount of caffeine and a high proportion of theobromine.

The perfect combination of these two awakens prevents a steeply rising and equally rapidly declining energy curve. It gives instead a very stable feeling of power and enthusiasm.

What is theobromine?

Theobromine has a similar molecular structure to caffeine but is less explosive. It raises the energy level and stabilizes it for a long time, before gradually returning gently.

Theobromine gives cacao its stimulating and euphoric potential.

What is an overnight hop?

If you want to go fast in the morning, you can prepare the drink the night before and heat it up quickly in the morning and lather it up. This variant even intensifies the intensity of the taste!

Why should you froth the drink?

This practice is based on the traditional recipes of the Maya and Inca, who knew even then that the surface of the liquid increases by foaming and the effect of the drink by combining with oxygen positively reinforced. In addition, the foaming makes the drink deliciously creamy and develops a velvety foam.

Why do we use coconut sugar, honey and rice syrup?

We value sweeteners that support the body with positive ingredients, do not raise blood sugar levels and have no addictive effects.

Does the Criollo Ball really replace a meal?

The daily Criolla ritual is so full that you only have an appetite for another meal several hours later. The ball has relatively low calories compared to an average meal and provides the body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Why not eat or drink for at least an hour after cacao?

You probably do not have any appetite and just eat something out of habit. In addition, could be affected by other foods, the inclusion of the active ingredients contained in the ball.

Can the Criollo ball help you lose weight and stay lean?

Regularly used over a longer period of time, the Criollo ball replaces a meal daily and reduces the appetite for sweets, chips and other fattening products. In addition, the Inn addition, the ingredients stimulate digestion and metabolism and ensure that the body burns calories even when doing nothing.

Can you also enjoy the Criollo ball cold?

For lovers of a cold drink, it is advisable to prepare the Criollo drink a few hours before the enjoyment. Later, the cold drink can be frothed and refined with ice cubes.

Why not cook the Criollo drink?

It makes sense to heat the liquid only and not to cook: heat-sensitive ingredients are spared and you can consume the pleasantly hot drink immediately.

Why does the Criollo ball have such a diverse and comprehensive spectrum of action?

Pure, unadulterated cacao contains a huge variety of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fiber, whose health benefits are being discovered in scientific studies. The amazing effect in so many different areas may also be due to the interaction of the different substances among each other, which has not yet been scientifically substantiated. Many minor scientific studies reveal positive effects of cacao consumption on heart health, physical performance, body weight regulation, serene mood, and mental health.

What are possible sensory effects of the Criollo ball?

Cacao contains a wealth of health-relevant substances that give us impulses for physical and mental stability. At Elimba we drink our Criollo balls regularly and experience the strengthening effect on athletic performances and in all areas where concentration and stamina are needed. On the emotional level, the cacao makes us happy, relaxed and confident. The cacao frees us from addictive desire to eat and reduces the desire for sweets, chips and Co.

Can the Criollo ball support me in sports performance?

Our personal experience shows that after enjoying a Criollo ball, we can provide physical performance with greater endurance, ease and pleasure. Our energy curve stays stable for a long time, so we can last longer even in our border areas.

Why do I feel happy, content and relaxed after drinking the Criollo ball?

Cacao increases serotonin levels and stimulates the release of endomorphins. This has an anti-depressive effect, encourages feelings of happiness and enhances a good mood. Tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is now used in many psychotropic drugs to stabilize depression, is a natural component of cacao and shows its counterbalancing effect with appropriate dosage. In addition, cacao contains anandamide, a substance that stimulates relaxation and balance.

Can I support concentration and cognitive performance with the Criollo ball?

Cacao stimulates the formation of phenylethylamine, a substance that increases concentration and alertness. Our tip: drink a Criollo drink before you learn how to do exams or master other cognitively challenging things!

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